Custom Design

V2 Cool Bottles are well-designed to keep water at the right temperature. Top-of-the-line, we offer personalized insulated water bottles from the brand you know and trust. Let’s understand the easiest way to make sure your message is highlighted.

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Our Custom Design Tool lets you steer clear of cheap knockoffs and add a luxury touch to them. Customize your bottle by using these two primary areas within our tool.

1. Navigation Tabs:
Explore the best navigation tab options that offer a unique way to customize your bottle by adding the required information. It provides a clear visual indication to discover new possibilities.
2. Canvas:
Customize your design using the elements we have added to this custom tool. It allows you to navigate the design from the front to the back of your bottles with ease. Using the arrow, the user can scale, move and rotate the design by unlocking excellent custom design.

Design Studio Features Overview

Better Design Placement Option: By incorporating your brand’s logo, this option allows you to add the text and image on the front or back of the design. Place it in the right way using the navigation arrows.
Scaling the Design: The user needs to drag the corners of the text and image and add increasing and reducing the size of your design.
Movement Option: The user can place the cursor on the center of the design and move the text and image, respectively. Place it in your desired position.
Rotation Option: The user gets an opportunity to rotate their text or images from center to around clockwise to anti-clockwise direction.

Custom Services

Digital Print

V2 Cool Bottles provides excellent custom digital printing with personalized design and creating BPA free bottles. Design your insulated bottles by adding custom digital printing.

  • File Types Accepted: PDF, AI, PNG, JPG, SVG, TIFF
  • How it Works: Our designers use a digital inkjet custom print system by placing your design directly on the bottle.
  • Resolution: We usually recommend 300 dpi for a high-quality print. The images could be less than 72 dpi, creating a “jagged” effect.
  • Line Widths (minimum): 3 points
  • Image Size Require(minimum): 300 pixels x 300 pixels
  • CMYK Printing: We use professional CMYK printers which cannot print neon or metallic colors.
  • Common Design Error: Upload a .ai, .png, .pdf file if you want the background to be the color of the bottle. Or else you can keep a transparent background. Some customers frequently upload a file with a white background if they want to print a design with white background.


V2 Cool Bottle’s team allows adding a custom form of rotary printing called Flexography that can be printed on one of the sides of the bottle with a beautiful design. Get reliable and high-quality insulated bottles by adding flexography inks to them.

  • File Types Accepted: SVG, AI, PDF, PNG, TIFF with transparent background.
  • How it Works: Flexographic printing uses printing plates to print high-quality image resolutions. It offers a positive mirrored master of the required image efficiently.
  • Image Size require (minimum): 300 pixels x 300 pixels
  • Flexography printing: We add a high volume of printing labels using high-definition flexographic printing with less hassle.

Digital Printing Vs. Flexo Printing

Digital Printing is a printing technology that prints full-color digital images directly onto the product. At the same time, Flexo printing requires more time to set up and change graphics. On the other hand, Digital printing eliminates the setup and plate cost making digital printing competitive for small to mid-sized businesses. In comparison, flexo gives superior speed with producing large orders at cost-effective rates. Both methods are great and have benefits in their way.

Tips for Digital Printing

Digital printing allows printing clean and exact images without using the plates. Users can choose high-resolution files and transfer them to the printing surface. They get high consistency images by offering mass customization. We at V2 Cool Bottles accept bulk orders of 1000 pieces per design. We recommend you avoid darker images to print better designs for your bottles.

Our digital file types include jpg, png, ai, SVG, and pdf. If you are looking to remove the white background from an image, then use GIMP and Pixlr, which will help edit your photo from the background. Save files as a PNG, TIFF, SVG, AI, or PDF and preserve the transparency.
Note: Check for the plugins of the software as we won’t be responsible for any damage caused due to third party sites.

Tips for Flexo Printing

With Flexographic, you require large runs with little variations with offering the best value for exceptionally long runs. Our skilled team provide excellent text and image printing that raise from the surface of the plate. Flexo adds value to your product with less maintenance. Connect to our team as our flexo services are adaptable for specific printing applications and only accepts bulk order with a minimum 1000 pieces quantity

3 Basic Design Tips

Simplicity: Use fonts, colors and shapes, respectively.
Design Elements: We add space to your design elements with avoiding overcrowding in your design.
Legibility: We don’t allow to place text over a busy background without providing a clear contrast between the text and background color.

Design Colors Models: PMS (Pantone Matching System)

V2 Cool Bottles offer specialized custom bottles that use design models like PMS (Pantone Matching System). The color is quite different from than CMYK color that can be mixed before applying it to the surface. In our design color model, we add solid ink created by the printer and use specific formula. This formula allows consistency when printing your custom design to bottles.

Design Colors Consideration: Monitor Vs. Printed

As discussed above, the colors added to the screen are mainly derived from the Pantone color. They are different from CMYK and are displayed differently on Monitors and other printed devices. You can expect a slight color variance that adds custom printing with screen viewing.

Final Check List

Before you submit your order, double-check your elements:

  • Inside the Print Area: Make sure that all your design appears on the bottle effectively, or you can resize it.
  • Proofed Text: Check the spell correctly and double-check before submitting your final design.
  • Digital Printing: Check if you have uploaded transparent background, used high-resolution images, and preserved the file types.
  • Flexo Printing: Check if your flexo design includes the design you need to print as it is mainly adapted for specific printing applications.
  • Not Licensed Artwork: Remember! Users should have the right to own the design with custom added design. If the image appears to be licensed, we will cancel it. Therefore, avoid using such licensed photos and provide us with a custom design that shows your brand and registered trademarks.