About Us


Our V2 Cool Bottles are designed for professional cyclists, adventure athletes, and all-purpose use. The bottles are well insulated and easy to clean. Our team have 20+ years of experience in designing and producing bottles. This is where the V2 Cool Bottles came into existence. The main objective of V2 Cool Bottles is to produce reusable bottles to reduce the consumption of plastic bottles. We produce bottles that are BPA free, reusable and dishwasher safe.

Nowadays, insulated bottles have become so popular as they keep the water at your desired drinking temperature for a longer time. If you have already used one, you probably know what we’re talking about. Likewise, V2 Cool Bottles provides a specialized product for modern-day commodities. We understand customers are expecting more from their water bottles. Therefore, we have taken an important step to protect the global environment and make an ideal choice for all outdoor sports.

Why Choose V2 Cool Bottles?

Best Brand for Insulated Water Bottles

We created the best-insulated bottle, adding functionality to durability and stylish as we left no stone unturned. Our product is BPA free, making it an eco-friendly and healthier option.

Reusable Water Bottles At a glance

Save the money and planet in the long run with an easy pick for the best water bottles. They can be your favourite accessory for everything from adventuring to everyday life.

Bottles for every Workout

To help in quenching your thirst in style, we design the best bottles for you with easy-to-sip from bottles. Try now the quick-grip insulated bottle and enjoy your drink.


For years we been looking for a reliable collapsible bottle. But with a vision of producing light, simple, stylish, leakproof, BPA free and user-friendly, we make V2 Cool Bottles. Our vision is to create reusable plastic bottles and reduce the single use of plastic


We are on a mission to offer easy to clean interface add a double-walled construction nozzle cover with an optimized cage fit. Carry around your favourite beverages with fuss-free insulated bottles. We are on a mission to add more collections in the future by adding safety, strength and durability.