How do V2 Cool Bottles work?


V2 Cool bottles

Switch to highly sustainable Insulated water bottles and get rid of burning out while cycling.

Reusable Bottles

We took sensitive step towards reducing plastic waste and giving water as pure as the bottled stuff.

Right Quality

We aim to give the best quality to the customer by giving them the best-satisfied product.

Fun Meets Functions

We added premium quality, double-walled protection and leakproof product with better grip.

V2 Collection

Helping To Improve

V2-Cool Bottles Are

BPA Free

We do not use organic compounds such as BPA(Bisphenol) in our construction.

Fast and Easy flow valve

Hydrate your body with easy sip lid and hygienic silicon mouthpiece.

Double-Walled & Insulated

We add two layers in the bottle to keep drinks cold by adding a double-walled container.

Easy Squeeze

The material used is soft with easy to squeeze feature and less effort to quench your thirst.

Leakproof Lockout

Our leakproof design makes us an ideal driving companion with ease to sip the liquid.

Optimal Cage Fit

To access the water bottle easily, our engineers have securely added an optimized cage fit for all cyclists.

Start With Renewable

Hydration is the primary key to a healthy and sustainable life. Therefore, we at V2 Cool Insulated Water Bottles are here to add more sustainability to your product. We at V2 Cool Insulated Water Bottles have aimed to reduce the single-use of plastic with saving the planet. We are an excellent option for a cyclist to offer an insulated, leak-free and ergonomic design that allows you to drink pure water on the go.

What makes our bottles different?

  • Harmless to your Health
  • It’s eco-friendly
  • Functional and Practical
  • Made Sustainable

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